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As much as I love THE HUNGER GAMES, this is sort of depressing (via my brother-in-law’s addictive new trivia app, Trending Trivia).

"In Chicago one’s zip code is as determinative of one’s health outcomes as one’s DNA." From HIGH RISE STORIES #amreading




1. Stretch

2. Grasp book

3. Assume position (see above) 

4. Hold position for required amount of time

5. Cool down 

Art: Patrick Kearns

The girls really like @atrandom galleys. They stole this one immediately and won’t return it.

#readathon hour 16 - these poor books probably will go on sad and ignored, as I will likely pass out once I FINALLY finish the two books I have been reading all day.

Someone is sooooo happy that I am back from my #readathon digs

#readathon hour 21 - to bed, I said

#readathon hour 20 - finished book 2!